Information for 1st-latex-catsuit
寄件者 super-qiqi
主旨 super-qiqi NEW 100% Latex Rubber Gummi 0.8mm Uniform Jacket Pants Catsuit Suit Belt Costume 編號為 301646881292 的物品寄出訊息

Here are the photos

The measurement is double 1,04 mm, it cant be 0,8mm latex. In this case the measurement must be 1,60 mm.

The pants have no black side stripes.

The item arrived 50 days after purchase, so it is not possible any more to give the seller the deserved bad ebay comment. Finally, PayPal made is possible that I can send the item to the seller and get my money back

But PayPal said, I must send the article back to the seller to china.
The retour postage in any case has to pay the buyer. So I had to pay 50 Euros for an item of very bad quality. – Never buy latex in China again! Be sure, because of the long delivery times from China your purchase is not secured by the only 30 days
eBay Money Back Guarantee.